Maui Beach Wedding Locations - Which is the Best Beach

I get the question all the time from brides, "Which beaches are the best for weddings"? Our Maui wedding locations page has a wonderful selection of beaches and they are all beautiful, but here is my take:

I am not going to say which particular beach is the best, but more of which side of the island is the best. If you really want the most beautiful pictures possible for your wedding, with the least amount of people on the beach, you need to get married on the South Side of Maui. But why?

For starters, the very nicest and biggest beaches on the West Side, are off limits to weddings due to state regulations. So that leaves the smaller narrower beaches that all the weddings on the west side crowd onto and by crowd, we mean as many as 5-8 weddings on the same beach at the same time!

Beaches on the south side of the island are usually longer, less crowded, wider from front to back and have a much better sunset. Sunset is better on the south side of Maui, because the sun drops below the horizon directly in front of the beaches. On the west side of Maui the sun is setting to the left side of the beach, which makes for much less dramatic photos at sunset. Many South Maui beaches also have large, interesting lava rock formations, where most of the West Maui locations have only small rocky areas or none at all. So as usual in life: location, location, location!

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