Why You Should Purchase a Maui Wedding Album

wedding album open, flowing across two pages
You just had your breathtaking Maui wedding and have tons of digital images; you have the print rights, so you can print images any time you want. So, why would you want a wedding album?

I can tell you from personal experience, I have been married for almost nine years and  we only printed a few images here and there for framing. I now understand why an album is so important. Sometimes my wife breaks out the album and we sit on the couch with a nice glass of wine and take a stroll down memory lane. The few posed prints we have just don't give us the feeling of our whole wedding day.  The album puts us back in the moment of our wedding day like nothing else. We were married in Idaho (not smart like you guys getting married on Maui!)  So imagine breaking out that album when you are back home on a cold winter day to take you back to the tropics and warm you up! You can see the sunset, remember the sand between your toes, and almost feel the warm breeze on your face. You can see the reflection off each others eyes and it just takes you back, it just does.
front album cover

Sometimes a wedding album is the only tangible keepsake you have to help remember your wedding. Your dress is in the attic, not that you’re going to take it out to gaze at it a few times a year. The leis you kept from your ceremony have since turned to dust, and your husband’s beautiful linen shirt got a disastrous stain. 

I know you’re thinking, wedding albums are expensive, but they aren’t, they last forever. Now nearly ten years have gone by since I got married, but now I would pay 10 times the money to have my professionally designed wedding album. You will always know where it is, no matter how many times you move. Just think of when you sit down with your kids to show them, and hear them say, "mom and dad, you looked soooo young"! A wedding album is not just a keepsake, it becomes part of who you were and displays your amazing Maui wedding, forever.

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