Maui Wedding - What should you book first: Airfare, Hotel or Wedding Package?

A question we have been getting a great deal lately is what should we book first: airfare, accommodations or our Maui wedding package? Here is my recommendation for getting everything booked.

Maui Wedding Packages
First, ask yourself how flexible are you with your wedding date. Being able to move your desired date ahead or behind a week can often save you and your guests hundreds if not thousands on airfare and hotel. I know your wedding day has special significance to you, the date of your first kiss, the date you officially started dating etc. etc., but after you are married your anniversary date will reset that presidency. So, if you are flexible with your wedding date it can save you lots of $$$$$.

Second, I would do some research for your desired wedding date for hotel costs and airfare deals. When looking at cost of rooms and flights look at your desired month and the month before and after. Because peak seasons can be determined by a day, (for example: Feb. 1-June 1 may be off peak pricing and June 2nd to Jan. 31st may be peak pricing) when booking look very specifically at all of the cost of dates in each month, because the cost can vary greatly.

Third. To make sure you get everything booked and you don't loose your date I would book everthing (wedding package, hotel, airfare) all on the same day. The reason you want to book everything on the same day is so your wedding date doesn't get booked while you are busy looking for airfare and hotel deals. We have had a couple instances when brides made initial contact with us and we had their desired date available, but by the time they got their hotel and airfare booked, their desired wedding date was no longer available.

In synopsis, as soon as you know you want a wedding in Maui, book your dates (Maui wedding package, hotel and airfare) all on the same day. Dates go fast, sometimes we get 4 bookings in a day, so book when you see that the dates is available.

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