Kapalua Bay: A Wedding Assembly Line?

Kapalua Bay is a beautiful location for weddings here on Maui; the question we are asking ourselves as wedding planners is, "is it getting too busy"? You be the judge.

5 weddings at Kapalua Bay all at the same time

The photo above was taken by Maui Photographer, Karma Hill while on one of her daily photo shoots. As you can see from the photo, there are five weddings on the beach all at the same time circled in red. Overcrowding is the reason Simple Maui Wedding has recently removed Kapalua Bay from their wedding locations page. This is not the first time we have seen this many weddings at the same time at Kapalua Bay and seems to be a trend that is not going away.

Simple Maui Wedding will still conduct weddings at Kapalua Bay as part of their Maui wedding packages. If someone wants to take their chances at sharing the beach with multiple other couples, we will snuggle right in with all the other weddings, we just prefer not to and will advise against it. 

With so many amazing beach wedding locations all over the island, it makes no sense to take the intimacy  away from your wedding experience by sharing the same beach with 4 other couples. Your wedding day is not a snorkel trip or a Luau, it is something to be cherished and should not be booked just because of close proximity to your hotel. I know you want to make it convenient for your guests to attend your wedding, and that is very thoughtful. But your wedding guests already traveled a minimum of 2500 miles to get to Maui, what is another 20 miles to go to another beach that is not only less crowded, but more beautiful all around.

If it is is a priority to have a West Maui wedding location, we can guide you to other beaches that are less popular for weddings, however we strongly believe that the best beaches for weddings are in South Maui.  South Maui beaches are not only less crowded, but the weather is more consistent, the beaches are larger with more natural beauty and there are less resorts & condos in the background making for better photos. 

If your looking for great Maui beach wedding locations look here: Maui wedding locations.

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Anonymous said...

I didn't know Maui could be that crowded. Staff from bridal shops in Las Vegas I visited said that you do know a lot of great Maui beach wedding locations though.