Simple Maui Wedding: How are Their Maui Wedding Packages Different?

I received an email from a client a few days ago asking how we differed from other vendors on the island providing Maui wedding packages.

Here is the exact email:
Maui Ministers

"I've seen a lot of wedding packages advertised, what is unique about your services? (other than your website which made a great first impression?)"

Here is my reply:

Aloha xxxxxx,

We are different than other companies advertising  Maui wedding packages, because we provide only wedding professionals (photographer, florist, ministers), and you get the professionals you see on our site. This differs from other people advertising Maui wedding packages because they farm out their photography, the ministers and often make the floral themselves or buy it from the lowest bidder.

With our company you know who your photographer is, Karma Hill, one of the best on Maui. You know who your minister will be,what their religious beliefs are, what they will look like in photos and you can speak with them if you want to customize your ceremony before the day. You know what your floral will look like on the day of your event and know it will be quality, because our florist Dellable's, is voted one of the top florists on the island year after year. We don't just provide wedding vendors, we provide wedding professionals!

We hand chose vendors, that if creating our own wedding package here on Maui, we would use for our own wedding.
Maui Wedding Floral

Much Aloha,

Steven Hill
Simple Maui Wedding

In addition to using only wedding professionals, we pride ourselves on excellent customer service and return emails within 24 hrs of receiving them, usually sooner. We treat others the way we want to be treated, with respect, kindness, with a sense of urgency, with straight forward answers to tough and easy questions and at the end of the day keep it as simple as possible. We want you to have a Simple Maui Wedding, and we want to be a part of it. 

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