Clouds: The Perfect Accent for your Maui Wedding Photos

It seems there isn't a day that goes by when there aren't beautiful white puffy clouds floating by in the skies over Maui. Clouds are the prefect accent to your Maui wedding photos, especially at sunset.

Here is a prefect example of how clouds can make your photos simply amazing. 

Taken by Karma Hill for one of Simple Maui Wedding's Maui wedding packages.

Having clouds in the sky for your wedding is a total blessing. Clouds adds so much depth, color and interest to your photos. Here in Maui the beautiful reds, oranges and pinks reflect perfectly off the clouds acting like ultimate natural paint brush.

So next time you look at the weather forecast on the day of your wedding, pray for clouds. Maui's forecast nearly always shows clouds, but if you have your wedding in South Maui (considered desert) you have only a minute chance of rain.

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Maia Dobson said...

Those photos are so lovely and amazing! I remember my own wedding held at the wedding venues in Long Island. The sun was about to set too and it was just as exquisite as this one.