Dora & Steve's Sunset Wedding - Maui Wedding Preview by Simple Maui Wedding

We just fell in love with Dora & Steve, they are the most amazing couple!! Steve recovered from a life threatening illness and since going through that experience, the couple truly lives in the moment and appreciates every day they have together. They had been planning a big wedding back home, but when the size of the wedding kept growing and things kept getting more and more complicated, they just decided to elope to Maui! They will be having a party when they get home to celebrate with family and friends, but they wanted a sweet intimate ceremony for just the two of them to enjoy. They accomplished that with an ocean side ceremony officiated by the wonderful Reverend Tino Rosete.  There was a soft cloud cover throughout the evening which ended in an AMAZING sunset. We are so happy that this couple had their perfect Maui wedding day, they sure deserved it!! Mahalo Dora & Steve, we were honored to be a part of it!

Maui Wedding Coordinator:  Simple Maui Wedding
Maui Photographer: Karma Hill
Floral: Dellables

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