Amy & Christopher's Sunny Beach Wedding - Maui Wedding Preview by Simple Maui Wedding

Amy and Christopher chose one of our favorite locations for their sunny Maui morning wedding, Baldwin beach.  There is just no other beach like this on Maui, the sand is white and the water is aqua and there are no resorts or hotels on the beach.  They were joined by Amy's parents for their ceremony and her father took part in the ceremony as he is a pastor in their church back home.  As a part of their tradition, they exchanged watches instead of rings. This was a first for us, but we are always happy to incorporate special traditions to a couple into a wedding. You could just tell how in love this couple was, they had some great chemistry and it shows in their beautiful image.  Mahalo Amy and Christopher for choosing Simple Maui Wedding to be a part of your Maui wedding day!! 

Maui Wedding Photographer: Karma Hill
Floral: Dellables 

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