Against The Odds - Matt & Sarah's Maui Wedding Preview

After meeting through mutual friends a couple of years ago, this gorgeous laid back couple thought a simple ceremony in Maui was just the ticket. Little did they know that getting here was going to be the hardest part. Matt and Sarah faced every challenge I can think of as their wedding approached but still managed to keep their heads up. From car accidents, injury, illness, a torn dress and airline nightmares. It was one thing after another, yet these two managed to not only make it to their wedding, they had a good time too! Sarah and Matt, you are both an inspiration in perseverance and I am amazed at the positive attitudes you managed to maintain.  We are so happy we could help you create your dream Simple Maui Wedding! Congratulations on your marriage!

Coordinator: Marissa Hawke with Simple Maui Wedding
Officiant: Rev. Tino Rosete
Floral: Dellables

Through the magic of technology, Sarah's dad was able to be there despite being in the hospital back home.


Aquila Hawk's Girl 2006 said...

Beautiful pictures, Congrats and Best wishes to many happy years together.

erin eldaye said...

Unbelievably beautiful...I hope your life follows that same journey!!