What Should a Groom Wear for a Maui Beach Wedding?? - A helpful guide

About 80% of our grooms end up wearing a white shirt and khaki pants. This always looks nice and is an easy and classic choice for a beach wedding, but there is SO much more out there!  One thing to consider when choosing attire for the groom is how dressy the bride will be. If the bride is wearing a full gown, the groom really should be at her same level of dress.  While this doesn't have to mean a full tux on the beach, it could be as easy as a suit vest and tie or a jacket with no tie.  There are many ways to keep it looking casual and beachy while still looking put together and dressed up for your big day!  Below are some photos from some of our past grooms who did a great job of choosing their wedding attire.

A tie and vest is a great way to add a little dress and color to the classic khaki look

A three-piece suit is a great option since you'll be able to be formal in a jacket and then rock the vest-only look if things get hot. This groom makes his suit more beachy by adding in a light blue tie and tropical boutonniere
A light suit without a tie keeps it classy and comfortable
Simply adding a vest makes a groom look put together. Roll up the sleeves for a casual vibe

This groom chose a black tux for his beach wedding and we love it! Especially since the bride is wearing a more formal wedding dress
Suspenders and bow ties are both popular right now. Wear them both for a low-key outfit with a lot of personality

Let's give a big thumbs up to well-dressed grooms!

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