Worth The Wait - Lorrie & Martin's Maui Wedding Preview

Though he never planned to marry, five years ago Martin found Lorrie online and his fate was sealed. These Alberta, Canada natives hold Maui in a special place in their hearts after getting engaged here so it made sense for them to be married here. Martin and Lorrie's wedding was actually planned for the day before but after an unfortunate traffic accident closed the highway from the West side of the island, we had to re-schedule their ceremony for the next day, which also happened to be a Blue Moon, a rare occurrence that won't happen again until 2018, so it made it that much more special! It worked out in the end as all involved vendors were able to make the new date work and Martin and Lorrie got the stunning sunset wedding they had dreamed about. To quote Martin, a man who does not particularly enjoy having his photo taken, his parting words were 'that wasn't bad at all.' Well Martin, when two people are in love the way you and Lorrie are, it doesn't need to be. You were both wonderful to meet and we thank you for letting us witness your special day. 

Coordinator: Marissa Hawke with Simple Maui Wedding
Officiant: Rev. Kimo Kirkman
Floral: Dellables
Hair & Make-up: Liz with Maui Make-up Artistry

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Boracay Wedding said...

Very romantic wedding with a wonderful ambiance of the sea. Congratulations both of you.