Bridal Hair: Tips by Maui Stylist Adiel Cline

Some of our brides ask us if we feel that hiring a professional hair stylist for their wedding day is necessary. We always recommend that you fit professional hair and makeup into your wedding budget. The main reason is that the islands' humidity and wind pose special challenges that most of our mainland brides are not accustomed to dealing with.  You don't want any scary hair wedding day surprises, so hiring a professional who knows how to style all types of hair for our climate is highly recommended.  We contacted Adiel Cline of Salon 253 in Wailuku who has worked with many of our past clients and asked her for some of her top wedding day bridal hair tips.  Here is what she told us:

Adiel’s Wedding Hair Must Knows before the big day.

When should I having my haircut and/or colored?
If you get your hair colored on a regular basis then about a week before is best, same with the cut if you are having a trim, it gives the hair time to settle and you won’t have any obvious signs of a re-growth. If you are thinking of experimenting and having a change of style or color, I would recommend doing this well ahead of the wedding but do make sure that your new cut will accommodate the bridal style you would like!

I have short hair what can I do?
There are many styles that can work on short hair. You may think about growing it out a little to accommodate a particular style you are interested in and I would recommend a trial before hand. Short can be fun and elegant.

Example of short hair style

What can I do to help on the morning of the wedding, for instance should I wash my hair and what should I be wearing?
Wearing something that can easily be removed when the time comes to put your dress on, you don’t want it to disturb your hair or make up. I do recommend washing your hair the night before and letting it air dry with a little mousse or light gel. If you have oily or fine hair wash it the morning of your wedding without any conditioner and let it air dry without product.

Which is better, wearing my hair up or down?

Ultimately, you want to choose a style that you will feel most comfortable and beautiful with. That being said, there are considerations for both. An updo will usually last longer with the humidity and heat and will fare better at a windy location. Wearing your hair down is beautiful too and there are ways to keep it more manageable with wind, I like to call it the "down updo"  it is a hybrid style with most of the hair down but key peices pulled back to keep the wind from flying your hair in your face while you say "I do". If you are unsure of what you want, a trial might be a good idea so you can know for sure before your big day.

Half up, Half down

key pieces pulled back

Half up, Half down

Hair all up to show details on the back of the dress

Hair Extensions?????
A do or don’t 
Like spray tans and facials, hair extensions are one of those beauty procedures that some women never think of trying until they're ready to walk down the aisle.

It is becoming more and more common for brides to incorporate some form of faux hair into their wedding hairstyle--the key is to choose extensions that will look natural and complement you chosen hairstyle.

Clip On or Tape-in Hair Extensions -
Another choice you have when wondering, ‘Should I get hair extensions,' is clip on or taped extensions.  Tape Extensions kind can last for several weeks while the clip on kind can come out as soon as the ceremony and reception are over
If you choose to use the clip on extensions, take them to your hair stylist ahead of time and have him or her try out some different looks with them.  This will give you the chance to see how you like them and you can move around some to ensure that the hair extensions are secure and in place.
Tape-in Extensions from Babe are the newest trend and the way to go, especially for a destination wedding. They can be that extra accessory for your honeymoon.
I used them for my very own big day and I never felt so pretty.

What are Babe Tape-in Hair extensions and how do they work?
Babe 100% human hair is being used by salons and stylists all over the world for its ability to maintain a radiant and smooth texture without using synthetic coatings like silicone. It can be curled, flat-ironed, washed, conditioned, permed and even colored. Because the cuticle is not stripped and is left in-tact, Babe’s high quality REMY (cuticle correct) hair accomplishes the goal of helping everyone around the world gain the look they desire. From adding highlights to volume to length, all looks and styles for all walks of life can be accomplished by using Babe hair.
Karma and Steve (the owners of Simple Maui Wedding) on their vow renewal. Karma is wearing the Babe tape in hair extensions she had put in at our Salon.

Where can I get them?

At Salon 253 on Maui or if you are planning before you get to Maui call a local distributor of Babe Extensions.  Visit this link to find a distributor in your area.

Please call Salon 253 for pricing & to book your extension consultation (consultation must be made at least 4 days prior to wedding day) 808-270-2759

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