Into The Night - Anna & Hung's Maui Beach Wedding

Anna & Hung are from California where they both have very large families, so they decided to escape away to Maui to have a private ceremony for just the two of them before they have the huge family marriage celebration back home.  The bride and groom were partaking in the local tradition of  "Maui Time" and were running a bit behind so we got a late start to the ceremony.  It all worked out as the ceremony started just as the sun was setting, making for some beautifully lit ceremony photos.  We shot as late as we could into the night until the light was totally gone to get a beautiful collection for them despite the late start.  Mahalo Anna & Hung for choosing us to be a part of your Maui Wedding day!

Maui Wedding Coordinator: Marissa Mendoza with Simple Maui Wedding
 Maui Photographer: Karma Hill of Photography by Karma Hill
Floral: Dellables
Brides Hair: Beauty by Trisha

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