Pink Petals & Promises to Keep - Jenna & Maslow's Maui Wedding Preview

With a niece and nephew leading the way with rose petals and rings, Jenna and her father made their way down the beach to a waiting Maslow. Try as they might, the bride and groom had a hard time containing their smiles and excitement as they promised to love one another for the rest of their lives. With a collection of family and practically family looking on, the cheers of joy could be heard down the length of the beach. When this young, happy couple met at a friend's party by chance, no one could have known it would lead to a beautiful Maui wedding ceremony at sunset on a beach. Jenna and Maslow, we wish you nothing but the best and are grateful to have been a part of your Maui wedding day with you!

Coordinator: Marissa Mendoza with Simple Maui Wedding
Photographer: Karma Hill of Photography by Karma Hill
Officiant: Rev. Tino Rosete
Hair & Make-Up: Adiel of Salon 253
Floral: Dellables



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