Florence and Lee's 12.12.12 Maui Wedding

Maui was full of love on 12.12.12 as couples from all over the world chose Maui beaches on this special numerical day! Florence and Lee traveled to Maui from Texas to tie the knot.  They wanted a very special small and intimate wedding, so they were accompanied only by Florence's parents and aunt and uncle.  We were lucky, with the many crowded beaches on that day, we had our own private corner of our favorite Southside beach.  The weather was absolutely perfect with a light breeze and bright blue skies. Mahalo Florence and Lee for choosing us for your beautiful Maui wedding!!

Maui Wedding Planner: Marissa Mendoza with Simple Maui Wedding
Maui Photographer: Karma Hill of Photography by Karma Hill
Floral: Dellables

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