Claudia & Erik's Maui Elopement - by Simple Maui Wedding

Claudia and Erik are such beautiful people, that after you spend time with them, you leave feeling more happy, more energetic and just all around better than before you met them.  They just exude love, the whole time we spent with them was filled with laughter, kisses and jokes.  It was so easy to tell how much they care for each other.  The California couple decided to have a Maui elopement to have a special, intimate ceremony, that was about their love for each other and nothing else.  I think they accomplished their goal and we are so happy they chose us to help them plan it!!

Coordinator: Marissa Mendoza with Simple Maui Wedding
Photographer: Karma Hill of Photography by Karma Hill
Floral: Dellables

Maui Elopement by Simple Maui Wedding
Maui Elopement by Simple Maui Wedding 

A rogue wave came up and got them as they were sitting on the sand!

It obviously didn't phase them at all :) 

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Steve Hill said...

Footprints in the sand shot Aaamazing!!