Henry & Tabitha's Maui Beach Wedding - by Simple Maui Wedding

Henry and Tabitha were visiting Maui on a Hawaii cruise and only had a small window to get their ceremony done on a day in port.  We were happy to work with them and their ship timeline and arranged an afternoon wedding so they could go to a nice meal on shore and enjoy the island a bit before they had to be back on board.  This sweet couple was lucky to get a nice empty spot on an otherwise crowded afternoon at the beach, it's as if everyone knew they were coming and reserved them a spot!  Mahalo to Tabitha and Henry for choosing Simple Maui Wedding, it was our pleasure to be a part of your Maui Beach Wedding!!

Coordinator: Marissa Mendoza with Simple Maui Wedding
Photography: Karma Hill of Photography by Karma Hill
Minister: Rev. Kimo Kirkman 
Bride's Bouquet: Dellables

Maui Beach wedding with Reverend
Henry and Tabitha's Maui beach wedding with Rev. Kimo Kirkman 

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