Iao Valley Wedding - Shannon and Daniel's Wedding Preview by Simple Maui Wedding

Shannon and Daniel reside on the Big Island (Hawaii Island) and wanted something different than a beach wedding, after exploring several options, Heritage Gardens in the lush Iao Valley was the location they decided on.  While we love working on the beach, it was a nice change of scenery to be surrounded by lush greenery and lovely shade, ahhhhhhh :) This adorable couple was witnessed by close friends who flew in for the wedding.  The couple wanted a simple, beautiful yet casual affair and I think they accomplished that! Mahalo Shannon and Daniel for choosing Simple Maui Wedding to coordinate your Iao Valley wedding!!

Maui Wedding Coordinator: Marissa with Simple Maui Wedding
Photography: Naomi of Photography by Karma Hill
Minister: Rev. Kimo Kirkman
Location: Heritage Gardens, Iao Valley 



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