Linda & Robert's Maui Morning Wedding at Southside Beach

Linda & Robert eloped to Southside Beach for their Maui wedding, dressed to the nines — which of course, around here includes two pairs of barefeet. The trade winds that swirl around the island were blowing beautiful cloud patterns in the sky above us as the sun was rising behind the palm trees. Linda & Robert's sweet Texas accents brought smiles to our faces during their couple's portraits. We asked them to walk towards the water and like any good Maui beach wedding, the waves came crashing up around their feet. Nothing quite like that feeling of the sand rushing away under your toes! Being barefoot in the sand is one of our favorite things about shooting Maui beach weddings! Of course though, we couldn't resist the chance to run up into the greenery too where Linda & Robert looked like they came straight out of a magazine!! So gorgeous. We want to thank you both so much for choosing Simple Maui Wedding for your celebration. Congratulations again!

Maui Wedding Package by Simple Maui Wedding
Maui Photographer: Karma of Photography by Karma Hill
Location: Southside Beach
Time: Morning

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