Nancy & Todd's Maui Wedding at DT Fleming Beach

There was not a dry eye in sight at Nancy & Todd's Maui wedding last week. This beautiful couple brought their loved ones to DT Fleming Beach on the west side of the island to say their vows to one another at sunset. Without a doubt, everyone on that beach was feeling the love radiating between the bride & groom and their guests who were able to make the journey to the island with them. Nancy & Todd have known each other for almost a decade. They became good friends at first but as Todd shamelessly tried to make Nancy laugh and smile everyday, his charm won out and they fell in love. All these years later, standing barefoot in the Maui sand, Todd didn't hold back any displays of joy as he married the love of his life. When the minister informed Todd that he could kiss his bride, the smile that broke onto his face is still making our hearts melt. Amongst all of this heartwarming celebration, heartstrings were tender, tears were trickling and memories of loved ones were floating in the warm breeze. Congratulations Nancy and Todd and thank you so much for inviting Simple Maui Wedding to your very special evening. 

Maui Wedding Package by Simple Maui Wedding
Maui Photographer: Naomi of Photography by Karma Hill
Hair & Make-Up: Adiel with Salon 253
Location: DT Fleming Beach (West Maui)
Time: Sunset

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