Simple Maui Wedding is Now Offering Custom Wedding Albums!!

Our favorite thing about wedding albums is how they gain more and more sentimental value over time. There's no feeling quite like holding your pictures in your hands and you can have complete peace-of-mind knowing that you'll never have to hunt through Facebook to find 'that image' or worry about loosing all your wedding images if your hard-drive crashes. In 10 years you can sit on the couch with your children and flip through the pages together, remember what your wedding day was like. And then just think, in 50 years how amazing it will be to pull your album off the shelf and share stories with your grandchildren! Maybe your album could even be the first of a multiple-generation album collection!

Of course, we don't expect you to have to keep all of this album goodness to yourself. Albums also make a wonderful gifts for loved ones.

Maui Wedding Albums

About Our Albums
  Our Albums are designed to last for multiple generations. They are 'flush-mount' albums, which means your images are printed onto photographic paper and then these prints are mounted onto thick archival board which does not bend. The pages have a protective matte coating that prevents color fading, tearing, warping or sticky fingerprints. When open, the album lies completely flat with a nearly invisible seam between pages so you can see your entire photo in highest quality. Our albums come with a leather cover with a photo inset, you can also upgrade to a linen cover or a leather spine with a full photo cover with acrylic or standard finish. The . The front cover of the album features your favorite image, coated with smooth acrylic. This is not your ordinary album, it is one that will last as long as your love for each other!

Our wedding albums come in two main sizes: 


You can also add on an 8x8 press printed album to any album order as a great gift to parents or grandparents.

All albums include 20 pages.  

If you are interested in purchasing an album, 
let us know and we would love to any questions you may have. 

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