Ian & Tina's Maui Wedding at Poolenalena Beach

Ian was waiting for his bride on the shores of Poolenalena Beach. The Hawaiian morning sunshine was pouring down on their families as Reverend Kimo Kirkman blew the traditional conch shell and their Maui wedding ceremony began. First up their adorable starfish aisle was their daughter Lilly, tossing white rose petals in all directions. As Tina emerged from the trees and walked across the sand towards her handsome groom, everyone was smiling and swaying to the live guitar music. Lilly stood at her parents' feet as they said their vows. So adorable. After their first kiss, we took Ian & Tina down the beach for romantic portraits on the lava rocks and just as we were finishing our photo session, a few special guests emerged from the ocean and joined the newlyweds for a quick snapshot! Congratulations Ian & Tina and thanks again for choosing Simple Maui Wedding!

Maui Wedding Package by Simple Maui Wedding  
Maui Photographer: Karma of Photography by Karma Hill  
Minister: Rev. Kimo Kirkman 
Brides Bouquet: Dellables  
Bride's Hair & Makeup: Ry-N Shimabuku
Location: Poolenalena
Time: Morning

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