Sausha & Paul's Maui Wedding at Southside Beach

Barefoot on a beach in South Maui - what a wonderful way to celebrate love and say wedding vows! Before they emerged onto the beach for their ceremony, this sweet couple from California set aside a private moment, away from everyone else, for their first look. This intimate moment together, is a wonderful way for couples to prepare for the commitment they're about to make, remembering that when all the decorations and plans fade away, what they are left with is each other. When they were ready, Sausha and Paul walked up the aisle together, hand in hand, passed their loved ones who had join them on this special visit to Hawaii. Sausha and Paul had very kindly provided beach mats and cushions for their family so they wouldn't have to stand while they waited and watched the ceremony. When all the I-do's were said, we took some beautiful bride & groom portraits on the beach and we loved the inscriptions that we saw inside of Paul & Sausha's rings. So beautiful. And of course, like every good Maui wedding, portraits finished with a stunning sunset and we waved farewell as the newlyweds set off for an evening of celebration. Congratulations again you two and mahalo for choosing Simple Maui Wedding!

Maui Wedding Package by Simple Maui Wedding
Maui Photographer: Naomi of Photography by Karma Hill 
Minister: Rev. Kimo Kirkman
Brides Bouquet: Dellables 
Location: Southside Beach
Time: Sunset

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