Whitny & Doug's Maui Wedding at DT Fleming Beach

Whitny & Doug celebrated their Maui destination wedding at DT Fleming Beach, on the west coast of the island, with their family and best friends. We claimed a quiet spot at the end of the long beach, beside the awesome lava rock cliff. They had an aisle of white and orange flower petals and Whitny carried a colorful custom-designed bouquet. After their beautiful ceremony, we took their bride and groom portraits on the rocks as the waves splashed up behind us dramatically. Whitny and Doug were such good sports when we suggested a little wedding day adventure. They climbed up the steep hill and walked out onto the gorgeous cliff. So fun! Thank you so much Whitny & Doug for choosing Simple Maui Wedding. Congratulations again and we hope your honeymoon in Maui was fabulous!

Maui Wedding Package Coordination by Marissa of Simple Maui Wedding
Photography: Chamonix of Photography by Karma Hill
Minister: Rev. Kimo Kirkman 
Floral Design: Dellables
Ceremony Location: DT Fleming Beach
Time: Sunset

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