Michelle & Phillip's Maui Wedding at Southside Beach by Simple Maui Wedding

Michelle & Phillip's Maui elopement was so beautiful and we are really excited to share their photography on the blog today. We met this sweet couple at the beach and had to search strategically for a dry spot for their ceremony. The ocean waves were so powerful on their wedding day that the entire beach was being rinsed in salty water. A couple waves even chased us during their ceremony. Michelle and Phillip are so laid back and they had such great attitudes that these waves were just adding to the exotic atmosphere of their romantic day. Michelle's floaty dress was so beautiful and we loved her sparkly accessory that were a perfect compliment to Phillip's handsome jacket and handkerchief. Thank you so much Michelle and Phillip for choosing Simple Maui Wedding for your Maui Wedding. It was an absolutely pleasure meeting you and running from waves together. We hope your Maui honeymoon was everything you dreamed of! 

Maui Wedding Package by Simple Maui Wedding
Maui Wedding Photographer: Chamonix of Photography by Karma Hill
Officiant: Reverend Joe Miles
Floral Design: Dellables
Bride's Hair & Makeup: Sisters & Co. 
Location: Southside Beach
Time: Sunset


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