Gwen & Richard's Maui Wedding - by Simple Maui Wedding

Gwen & Richard's Maui wedding was quite eventful! Sometimes with outdoor weddings there are weather factors that we just can't control. Southside Beach was dumping rain this afternoon but that wasn't going to stop Gwen & Richard from getting married. Having a good attitude about it sure paid off for them. We moved them and their guests to Charley Young beach where the weather turned out to be quite spectacular! The skies were blue and the sand was a gorgeous soft white . Of course this amazing cloud coverage offered nothing less than an epic sunset for the couple. Thank you so much Gwen & Richard for being such great sports about the rain! We were honored that you chose 
Simple Maui Wedding to be a part of your Maui wedding.

Maui Wedding

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Maui Wedding by Simple Maui Wedding
Maui Wedding Photography: Naomi of Karma Hill Photography
Officiant: Kahu Kaalekahi
Hair and Makeup: Mei Li Autumn
Musician: David Wolf
Location: Charley Young
Time of Day: Sunset

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