Christine & Alex's Maui Trash the Dress Session - by Karma Hill Photography

Christine & Alex had their gorgeous Maui wedding on the shores of Southside beach with Simple Maui Wedding. They decided to come back a couple days later for their Maui Trash the Dress session. Trash the Dress sessions are a great way to get a different look to your wedding photos because the light is so different from morning sessions to evening sessions. Christine & Alex were such a nice couple and so comfortable in front of the camera it was such a pleasure to photograph them again. Thank you so much Christine & Alex for choosing Simple Maui Wedding for your Maui beach wedding and Karma Hill Photography for your Maui Trash the Dress! 
We wish you two the very best!

Photographer: Naomi of Karma Hill Photography
Location: Southside
Time of Day: Morning

Maui Trash the Dress

Maui Trash the Dress Session

Maui Couple's Portrait

Maui Beach Wedding

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