Rain AND Shine ~ Amy & Steve's Maui Wedding - by Simple Maui Wedding

Amy & Steve were the sweetest couple and we were so happy to be a part of their Maui wedding! They say it's good luck to have rain on your wedding day so we think these two love birds are going to have great luck! It didn't just rain on their wedding day, it rained in the middle of their ceremony, and then stopped. That was it! Exchange of vows in the rain is about as lucky as you can get! They embraced the rain, in fact they welcomed it. It was a warm day so they rain felt quite refreshing! After their beautiful ceremony at Gannon's grass knoll, we captured Amy & Steve and their beautiful family! Then we traveled down to Southside beach where we finished up with beach pictures and sunset. It was a perfect evening for a Maui wedding! Rain AND Shine! Mahalo Amy & Steve for choosing us to be a part of it!

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Wedding Coordinator: Simple Maui Wedding
Maui Wedding Photographer: Sasha of Karma Hill Photography
Wedding Location: Gannon's Restaurant
Beach Photography Location: Southside Beach
Officiant: Kimo Kirkman
Hair and Make up: Salon 253
Floral: Dellables
Time of Day: Sunset

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