Hailey & Bo's Maui Beach Wedding - by Simple Maui Wedding

We met Hailey & Bo for their Maui beach wedding in Kapalua last week. Ironwoods beach is definitely one of our favorite locations at sunset on the west side of the island and Hailey & Bo's wedding showcases why. The light is so beautiful and soft and creates such a dreamy look. The beach can be a little windy and occasionally it gets a little rain but given the right conditions, we absolutely love it. Hailey & Bo had just their immediate family join them for their Maui beach wedding and it was truly something special. Reverend Valentine Rosete married the lovely couple as staff photographer Sasha captured their love. It was a great evening to have a Maui beach wedding! Thank you Hailey & Bo for choosing us to be a part of it!

Maui Beach Wedding

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Maui Beach Wedding Coordinator: Simple Maui Wedding
Maui Beach Wedding Photographer: Sasha of Karma Hill Photography
Maui Beach Wedding Location: Ironwoods Beach
Officiant: Valentine Rosete
Hair & Makeup: Mei Li Autumn Beauty
Floral: Dellables

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