Love & Laughter - Stephanie & Adam's Maui Wedding

As the day gave way to evening, Stephanie and Adam joined together beside the dancing sea to commit their lives to one another. If there could be one theme chosen for this special moment, it would be laughter. This awesome group, especially the gorgeous bride and groom, were so full of life, love, and humor that it would have been impossible not to be grinning from ear to ear in their presence. They even had special hats as part of an inside joke! Hilarious! We couldn't have had more fun with them, and they couldn't have had a better night. The pretty Pacific was aglow with vivid blue hues, while the sky was a soft pastel dream around them. It truly was a spectacular evening for a pair of Oregon love birds that deserve every happiness in the world. Thank you, Stephanie and Adam, for letting Simple Maui Wedding share in the laughter with you all at your Maui Wedding. It was a pleasure. Congratulations & Warm Aloha!!!

Maui Wedding

Maui Wedding on the beach

Maui Beach Ceremony

Maui Wedding Coordinator

Maui Wedding Photographers

Maui Wedding Package & Coordination: Simple Maui Wedding
Maui Wedding Photographer: Cheynice of Karma Hill Photography
Officiant: Rev. Joe Miles
Floral: Dellables
Musician: Kalani of Manutea Nui E
Location: Ironwoods Beach
Time of Day: Sunset

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