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Meant To Be - Marisela & Deon's Maui Wedding

On a day 12 years in the making, Marisela and Deon were treated to a magnificent setting for their Maui Wedding. With her mom on her arm, this stunning bride made her way towards the sparkling sea to where their daughter and soon-to-be husband were waiting. Standing with their daughter, this dashing groom watched in awe as the love of his life approached across the sand. Having made the trip from Texas, the travel time was well worth it as Marisela and Deon joined hands and hearts to solidify what they've known all along. They are meant for one another. With tears of joy all around, there was so much love, excitement, and happiness on display on this fine South Maui evening. Seeing these two lovebirds together is like seeing a tangible version of love. It's a beautiful thing. We are so honored that we got to be a part of this incredible night and we can't say thank you to our newlyweds enough. Thank you! We wish your family continued love and happiness and we look forward to welcoming you all back again one day! Congratulations & Warm Aloha!!!

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Dreams, Details, & Delight - Joanna & Andrew's Maui Destination Wedding

As the pristine Pacific kissed the lava rock laden shore of the Kukahiko Estate, Joanna and Andrew gathered to begin a new life together. It was a stunning summer morning, one that would provide a canvas for their dream Maui Destination Wedding. With thought in every detail, this gorgeous Virginia couple worked diligently in their planning from afar, and our team was honored to work along side them. They first enjoyed a romantic moment alone before the ceremony that allowed them the chance to really connect before coming together in front of their family. It was a gorgeous ceremony where the natural setting complimented the glowing couple as they exchanged their personally written vows. Among the bed of rose petals, they became husband and wife and so began a new phase in their lives. Though their fur babies couldn't make the trip, they were there in spirit, sitting right along side their beloved family. After the "I Do's" and congratulations complete, it was time for a quick wardrobe change and then on to the reception. At the Mill House, we borrowed our adorable newlyweds away from a walk in the sun flowers at the Maui Tropical Plantation. From start to finish, it was like something out of a dream. We are so happy for this amazing couple and hope they enjoyed the day as much as we did. Joanna and Andrew, thank you so much for letting the Simple Maui Wedding team be a part of your journey. We look forward to future visits!
Congratulations & Warm Aloha!!!

Maui Destination Wedding

Romance Made Simple - Valerie & Ali's Maui Destination Wedding

The excitement in the air was palpable as Valerie and Ali joined together on a gorgeous Hawaiian evening. Though our beautiful bride has been here multiple times, it was our dashing groom's first time on island, and what a way to be introduced. Though they live in an incredibly cool setting anyways, San Diego is still a bit different from the views offered by Gannon's grassy knoll. With an intimate collection of loved ones gathered around, including their adorable son Kamron, this dynamic duo exchanged vows to make official the love they already knew in their hearts. This was exactly the moment they had been looking for. Valerie had always known that an intimate island affair would be lovely but, after seeing how big and costly a wedding back home would be, a Maui Destination Wedding became the ideal scenario. Given the night they were blessed with, it's safe to say they made an outstanding decision. There was laughter, joy, romance, but most importantly, there was a display of love that is insurmountable by any means. We are so happy for this gorgeous California couple. Thank you, Valerie and Ali, for letting our team share in this special moment of your story. What an honor it is to celebrate your love. Congratulations & Warm Aloha!!!

From High School to Happily Ever After - Brandy & Derrick's Maui Beach Wedding

As the whispering wind carried the tunes from the ukulele, showering the guests in warmth, Derrick waited with baited breath as his beautiful bride prepared for her entrance. With her mom to escort, Brandy made her way down the beach to where their loved ones had gathered, anticipation in the air. Joining hands and exchanging personally written vows, these high school sweethearts from Washington State were incredibly adorable as the love radiating from them was positively contagious. With a hilarious wedding party surrounding them with love and support, Brady and Derrick officially became husband and wife as the sun sank towards the sea. Before adjourning to join then guests for dinner at nearby Ko, we stole a few minutes of their time to capture some ultra romantic shots of just the two of them. With no shortage of beautiful moments, this will surely be a Maui Beach Wedding to remember for all in attendance. Thank you, Brandy and Derrick, for letting our team be a part of the joy and celebration. We wish you all the best! Congratulations & Warm Aloha!!!

Maui Beach Wedding

Rainbows Overhead, Love From Within - Candice & Cory's Maui Wedding

After an Ironwoods Beach engagement, Candice and Cory returned to the place where it all began for their exquisite Maui Wedding. Enjoying a private moment alone before the ceremony to share in their excitement, they couldn't have been any cuter. Candice was beyond excited to be marrying her best friend and Cory? Well, Cory just wants to do whatever it takes to make the love of his life happy. They were darling as they both reviewed the plans to ensure the day ran well and prepared to get their party started. Once it was time, Cory took his place by the sea with loved ones gathered all around. Then all eyes moved to the stunning bride making her way down the beach on the arm of both her dad and step-dad, a rainbow over head. With her sister and his brother flanking them for support, through tears of joy, our gorgeous wedding couple from Texas exchanged vows that will unite them for life. To round out the evening, after enjoying breathtaking views for their photos, we all made the trip to the Westin for additional photos and a reception to remember. Complete with a fire dance, this was a night that culminated all of Candice and Cory's a planning and excitement and we couldn't be happier for them. Thank you, you two, for letting our team be a part of this magical moment. We wish you all the best!!! Congratulations & Warm Aloha!

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Happiness In A Hidden Cove - Tatiana & Jeff's Maui Beach Wedding

With ten year old son Jacob as an escort, Tatiana made her way to the shoreline where her future was waiting. Jeff stood by the sea, looking dashing, with their beloved witnesses as his support. It was a stunning evening in a dramatic cove with a high energy group of people on hand for their big moment. Armed with a bouquet inspired by the late Princess Diana's, this former model was the picture of bridal beauty as she married the man of her dreams. Though Jacob was ecstatic about his time in Hawaii because he loved being on the beach, this magical moment wasn't something he would want to miss either. The collection of loved ones that made the trip proved to be an excited bunch that added so much joy to the day. We are so happy for Tatiana and Jeff. Their love is clear as day and they deserve all the happiness in the world. Thank you, you two, for letting the Simple Maui Wedding team be a part of your Maui Beach Wedding. What an honor it has been getting to know you. 
Best Wishes, Congratulations, and Warm Aloha!!!

Maui Beach Wedding

From Middle School to Maui Magic - Michelle & Bryce's Maui Venue Wedding

After meeting in middle school, Michelle and Bryce had no idea at the time that their lives would be forever changed by one another. It wasn't until high school that their love began to bloom, which set them on a path that brought them to our island in the sun. After a heartwarming proposal on the day they got the keys to their new house, their future together was brighter than ever. In a bittersweet decision, after the loss of her beloved father, this stunning bride didn't feel right about having a big traditional wedding back home in Oregon. Instead they chose to have an intimate gathering of loved ones in paradise where Michelle's dad could watch over them from above. As the sun stretched across the sky, they were blessed with a phenomenal day for their big moment. Having been to the island together before they knew it was lovely here, but the day seemed to be extra bright and beautiful just for them. Someone was looking out for them. We are so glad this darling couple was treated to such a spectacular day with friends and family. They deserve all the happiness in the world. Thank you, Michelle and Bryce, for letting our team share in the joy of your Maui Wedding
Congratulations & Warm Aloha!!!

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