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Here's To The Next Decade - Jenny & Oscar's Maui Beach Wedding

Surrounded by love, and their four beautiful children, Jenny and Oscar celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary with a romantic Maui Beach Wedding. Traveling from Texas, they were so filled with excitement as they reveled in this milestone as a family. With a soft, lovely night setting the stage, the Vasquez Family was all charm and smiles as this beaming mom and dad exchanged vows that re-affirmed that they are, just as importantly, husband and wife as well. Eagerly awaiting their dinner at the famed Humuhumunukunukuapua'a Restaurant at the Grand Wailea, the kids remained good sports for their photos and kept our team entertained. Southside Beach was an amazing spot for this equally amazing family and we are so happy they got to experience the love and magic dancing along it's shores. Thank you, Jenny and Oscar, for letting the Simple Maui Wedding team be a part of this fabulous anniversary celebration. We can't wait to see you back for the 20th as well...or even soon would be good too! Congratulations & Warm Aloha!!!

Maui Beach Wedding

Sunshine for Two - Paula & Xin's Maui Beach Elopement

With love and romance dancing on the breeze, Paula and Xin stood hand in hand as they took the next step in to their future. Wanting to focus on one another, their Maui Beach Elopement was the perfect excuse to make their first trip to the island. Paula's dad is originally from here so the Aloha Spirit already runs in her blood, now it's in both of their hearts as they exchanged vows and united as spouses for life. With Xin's sister on hand to offer support, and her filming skills, they were bathed in warmth and joy as every happily married couple should be. Not to let their island time get too relaxing, their agenda included sunrise atop Haleakala, a bike ride down the dormant volcano, zip lining, and Xin's half marathon. Of course, none of those activities compares to the one that saw this stunning couple married after 18 years of being together. Despite raining all day, as if by magic, the precipitation ebbed and the sun emerged as these lovely ladies walked from their villa down to the beach. Some one, some where, was looking out for them and cast a ray sunshine over their special day. Thank you, Paula and Xin, for including the Simple Maui Wedding team in this incredible moment in your lives. It was an absolute honor to witness your love and devotion. 
Congratulations & Warm Aloha!!!

Maui Beach Elopement

Where Dreams Come True - Kaitlyn & Dan's Maui Beach Wedding

After finding one another six years ago when Kaitlyn began working at the comic book store where Dan worked, it became apparent that this is the love that Disney stories are made of. With a shared sense of humor, they have built a life together that compliments their deep adoration and appreciation for each other. Having gotten engaged at Disneyland, they began planning a big wedding in California that quickly snow balled out of control for the Arizona couple. So, after scrapping that unmanageable plan, they opted for a beautiful and romantic Maui Beach Wedding. Before an intimate gathering of loved ones, they found their forever love and promised all their tomorrows to one another. It was an incredible moment on the golden sand of Maluaka and one we hope lives on in their memories for years to come. Thank you, Kaitlyn and Dan, for letting our team be a part of your magical day. It was our pleasure getting to know you both and we can't wait for a return visit again one day to hear about your happily ever after! Congratulations & Warm Aloha!!!

Maui Beach Wedding

Rain or Shine, Love Wins - Katherine & Zachary's Maui Elopement

When Mother Nature tried to rain on their parade, Katherine and Zachary went with the flow as we re-located to a dry spot. Not to be phased by the change in plans, this laid back Illinois couple was more focused on one another and their excitement over their Maui Elopement than they were over the weather. Our paths crossed after they, seeking an easy and stress free event, literally googled 'Simple Maui Weddings.' That's exactly what we're here for! We were so honored to hang out with these two and we are so glad things worked out well for them so they could get the intimate wedding they wanted. Katherine and Zachary, thank you so much for letting our team be a part of this moment in your story. We wish you two all the best in your journeys ahead. Congratulations & Warm Aloha!!!

Happy Shade of Love - Courtney & Thomas' Maui Venue Wedding

As the wild fires burning in the valley cast an interesting array of smoke across the sky, Courtney and Thomas only had eyes for one another. Having made the trip from Utah, they wanted nothing more than enjoy a simple ceremony surrounded by loved ones. Choosing a private Maui Wedding Venue, the Kukahiko Estate offered a romantic and exotic piece of paradise for the intimate gathering of loved ones present. After being declared husband and wife by Rev. Joe, we borrowed a few minutes of Courtney and Thomas' time for some epic images along the jagged lava rock cliffs. Then, as the sun slipped in to the sea, this happy group headed back to their rented beach house in Haiku where a private chef awaited them with a dinner to remember. It was an amazing day for a couple most deserving and we were honored to have been included. Thank you, Courtney and Thomas, for choosing Simple Maui Wedding to share in the joy of your Maui Wedding. We wish you a lifetime of happiness and hope our paths cross again one day. Congratulations & Warm Aloha!!!

Maui Wedding Venue

The Sound of Happiness - Lena & Spencer's Maui Beach Wedding

There's no greater sound on someone's big day than that of joyous laughter. For Lena and Spencer, their Maui Beach Wedding was a celebration filled with sheer excitement, beaming smiles, and heartfelt humor. Having met at a house party, despite her getting his phone number, Lena never called Spencer. As the Seattle fates would have it though, their paths continued to cross around town until they took the hint and got together. After a Venice proposal aboard a gondola, we found the silly and fun loving pair an absolute delight to work with for their special day. Wanting nothing more than to enjoy and celebrate with loved ones, they captivated all those in attendance before we whisked them away for some alone time atop the dramatic cliffs. As they looked forward to their future, and the catamaran trip the following day that they were treating their guests to, the happiness was shining bright in their eyes. We were so honored to share in this moment, and we can't thank Lena and Spencer enough. Thank you!!! Best wishes on a bright and beautiful life together. 
Congratulations & Warm Aloha!!!
Maui Beach Wedding

The Look of Love - Kayla & Derek's Maui Wedding

Love was in abundance as we spent the afternoon and evening with Kayla and Derek for their Maui Wedding. After having a blast during the getting ready process, it was time to head to Southside Beach where loved ones gathered around for the big moment. Having made the trip was Washington, they were so excited and happy to be sharing this time with those they hold dear. After Grandpa bestowed this stunning bride with a special penny, a significant tradition for this family, Kayla and Derek were united as husband and wife under the guidance of our beloved Rev. Joe. The amount of thought that went into each detail for this incredible experience was well worth it as the result was breathtaking. Blessed with both a stunning sunset on their wedding night, and a bright beautiful morning for their 'Trash the Dress' portrait session a couple days later, these are memories to keep. Speaking of their portrait session...oh-la-la! So incredible! We had so much fun with this dynamic duo and were grateful to be a part of this momentous time in their lives. Thank you, Kayla and Derek, for choosing Simple Maui Wedding to share in the joy of your new adventure. We wish you all the best in the years to come. Congratulations & Warm Aloha!!!

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